Category: War

  1. Can withholding a good or service be an act of aggression?

    My friend and I discussed this question today and I’d appreciate some help from the liberty-minded community is helping me find an answer. Let’s assume you and a friend live on an island, which you have agreed to divide in … Continue reading

  2. Do Libertarians Hate The Military?

    I can only truly answer this for myself, because libertarians come in all sorts of stripes. But I think I speak for most libertarians when I say that libertarians don’t hate the military, if by “military” we’re talking about soldiers. … Continue reading

  3. War, What is it Good For?

    The war in Afghanistan now ranks as the longest lasting of any war in the history of the United States. It is estimated that the combined total costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will rise to $4-6 trillion. … Continue reading