Category: The State

  1. Useful Analogies For Comparing Taxation to Theft

    I love using Facebook as a discussion forum. Let us say the year were 1980, and I was possessed of the idea that taxation is like theft, but I wanted to discuss the matter with some other people and work … Continue reading

  2. Don’t Call It Stealing

    “Do you think stealing is wrong?” “Of course.” “What is stealing?” “It’s when you take something that isn’t yours.” “What if you take something, but the person it belongs to is ok with it.” “That’s different, you’re not really taking … Continue reading

  3. Do Libertarians Hate The United States?

    Libertarians have what is referred to in the media as a public relations, PR, or “messaging” problem. The problem is that many people believe libertarians hate the United States, when in fact most libertarians love the United States, that is, … Continue reading

  4. Do Libertarians Hate The Military?

    I can only truly answer this for myself, because libertarians come in all sorts of stripes. But I think I speak for most libertarians when I say that libertarians don’t hate the military, if by “military” we’re talking about soldiers. … Continue reading

  5. The Government is a Corporation

    It’s curious to me that many of those who decry the evils of capitalism and monopolies with such verve also support a large and powerful government. Let’s try a thought experiment, let’s think of the government as though it were … Continue reading