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  1. Why Romney Lost

    The 2012 election is over and Romney lost. Why? I don’t think it was Gary Johnson acting as the spoiler. If every Johnson supporter had voted for Romney instead, Romney still would have lost the popular vote. I doubt Johnson’s … Continue reading

  2. A Reason For Ron Paul Supporters to Vote For Romney?

    If Romney wins at least Ron Paul won’t get blamed for the coming financial crisis, and it might lead to more converts to Paul’s message than if Obama stays in office. Trust me, I’m no closet fan of Mitt Romney, but … Continue reading

  3. How Romney Could Win My Vote

    I have stated numerous times that there is no way Romney can win my vote. His positions past and present, anathema to the Constitution, individual rights, and the principles of liberty, are too fundamental for me to overlook. That remains … Continue reading

  4. Responses to Romney Voters

    I recently responded to a few pro-Romney people in a Linkedin group, and I thought the exchange might be worth posting. The parts in quotes come from those with whom I’m having the discussion, one Fawn and one John. The … Continue reading

  5. Why Skateboarders Are Natural Ron Paul Supporters

    I’m a skater, and I think that goes a long way towards explaining my gravitation towards Ron Paul’s message over the past few years. Skateboarders should be natural Ron Paul supporters. Here are a few reasons why: 1. Lack of … Continue reading

  6. How Ron Paul Supporters View Mitt Romney

    Ok, maybe not all Ron Paul supporters feel this way. Maybe I’m the only one. So change the title of this post to “How one Ron Paul supporter views Mitt Romney” if you want, although I suspect I’m not alone. … Continue reading

  7. The Most Important Quality in a President

    There are many important qualities we would like our Presidents to have, and perhaps no  one quality can make up for a total lack of others, but if we had to prioritize the qualities or characteristics we would like to … Continue reading

  8. Romney’s Ron Paul Problem

    How many Romney supporters would vote for Ron Paul if Paul became the GOP nominee against Obama? How many Ron Paul supporters will vote for Romney if Romney becomes the GOP nominee? Herein lies a problem for Romney. Last night … Continue reading

  9. Why I’ll Vote for a Loser

    Donald Trump thinks Ron Paul couldn’t win an election for President. This will continue to be the dominant reaction to any mention of Ron Paul in the 2012 election cycle, and where Ron Paul is mentioned at all it will … Continue reading

  10. Republican vs. Democrat–The False Battle

    Republican vs. Democrat Right vs. Left Conservative vs. Liberal These are false battles, and those who perpetuate these modes of thinking are either misleading or misled. I grew up in a conservative, Republican household, although I would not say that … Continue reading