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  1. No Apology by Mitt Romney: A Review

    I was a Romney supporter in 2008, but in 2012 I’ll be voting for Ron Paul, kind of like this guy. Because I’m a Mormon I’ve received some flack for this. “But Romney was a stake president! He’s a good … Continue reading

  2. Responses to Romney Voters

    I recently responded to a few pro-Romney people in a Linkedin group, and I thought the exchange might be worth posting. The parts in quotes come from those with whom I’m having the discussion, one Fawn and one John. The … Continue reading

  3. How Ron Paul Supporters View Mitt Romney

    Ok, maybe not all Ron Paul supporters feel this way. Maybe I’m the only one. So change the title of this post to “How one Ron Paul supporter views Mitt Romney” if you want, although I suspect I’m not alone. … Continue reading

  4. The Most Important Quality in a President

    There are many important qualities we would like our Presidents to have, and perhaps no  one quality can make up for a total lack of others, but if we had to prioritize the qualities or characteristics we would like to … Continue reading

  5. Does Romney understand freedom?

    If you want to see what real shock and awe look like, try telling someone you don’t see much difference between a Romney vs. an Obama presidency. Each time I saw this, I get pretty much the same response in … Continue reading

  6. Why I’ve Stopped Listening to Glenn Beck

    I started listening to Rush Limbaugh when I was 15, and kept it up for virtually 20 years. I started listening to Glenn Beck a few years ago as he came on the scene and was a devoted acolyte. But … Continue reading

  7. Who was the most liberty-minded U.S. President?

    Of all the US Presidents to date, who has been the most liberty-minded President, and what’s your reasoning? Washington? Jefferson? Coolidge? FDR? Ha, just joking on that last one, but hey, if you want to make the case feel free.