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  1. A Love Letter To Libertarianism

    Thank you libertarianism for helping me to question everything. Questioning everything is not a benefit in and of itself, but it can bring many benefits for when we question, we learn, and when we learn truth, we benefit thereby because … Continue reading

  2. Liberals Are Conservatives Too

    Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying that words mean things. If that’s true, then since names are also words, then names mean things as well. But what happens when what a name represents no longer matches up with what the … Continue reading

  3. Libertarians Are Idiots

    But there’s hope. From 1994-1996 I was a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka the “Mormons”. My total formal training lasted a mere two months, and was mostly focused on learning the Portuguese language, since … Continue reading

  4. Who says the TSA doesn’t do any good?

    I had a positive experience with the TSA today as I boarded a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas. Many readers might assume that by associating the word “positive” with the TSA I must mean that I … Continue reading

  5. My Apologies

    I’m going to throw out a blanket apology to everyone with whom I’ve ever argued politics or economics–I’m sorry, I may have been wrong. As I describe in more detail here, I’ve been through a bit of a transformation in … Continue reading