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  • Mark B

    Josh, your second paragraph in the piece published in today’s Deseret News is disturbing. You seem to take for granted the TP’s own narrative that it just grew like Topsy into what it is now – no leaders, only the barest goals and a willingness to hook up with similar-thinking folks of whatever stripe.
    I believe that the whole movement was deliberate, financed directly by those at the top of the economic pyramid, and aimed at nothing less than a rebranding of a truly leaderless, outdated and I-Got-Mine-Jacks that constitute the current Republican Party. Hatch serves at the pleasure of these robber barons, and they can find him wanting in the balance in order to hand his seat to someone who’ll be even MORE compliant in following their orders while while pretending to protect average folks. Utahns are only too used to getting in line in order to avoid being the loosened nail that gets hammered. Chaffetz, I presume, will be their guy.

  • Joshua Steimle

    There is a lot of information about the tea party I’m not privy to, so all I can do is go off of what I see myself and the information out there I trust. I know there are organizations out there trying to co-opt the tea party, and some have succeeded, at least to a point. And perhaps some of them have enough power to drive some of the discussion and narrative. But I think the real power of the tea party is with individuals who are in favor of what the tea party stands for, but who may not attend any rallies or be formally involved in any way. These are the people who may be co-opted up to a point, but if those doing the co-opting aren’t supporting what the grassroots wants, they will be unsuccessful in gaining any long-term traction with tea party minded individuals and they will fade away.

    Ultimately liberty will win out, because nothing else works. But it may be a rocky road getting there with many stops and starts.

  • Aaron Olson

    I read your article on Awesome!