Category: Aggression

  1. Useful Analogies For Comparing Taxation to Theft

    I love using Facebook as a discussion forum. Let us say the year were 1980, and I was possessed of the idea that taxation is like theft, but I wanted to discuss the matter with some other people and work … Continue reading

  2. Don’t Call It Stealing

    “Do you think stealing is wrong?” “Of course.” “What is stealing?” “It’s when you take something that isn’t yours.” “What if you take something, but the person it belongs to is ok with it.” “That’s different, you’re not really taking … Continue reading

  3. Can withholding a good or service be an act of aggression?

    My friend and I discussed this question today and I’d appreciate some help from the liberty-minded community is helping me find an answer. Let’s assume you and a friend live on an island, which you have agreed to divide in … Continue reading

  4. When is it OK to Kill Billy?

    There’s this kid named Billy who lives across town from you. Way across town. You don’t really know him, but you have some friends who do. They say he’s got a bunch of orange trees on his property where he … Continue reading

  5. Where does aggression start?

    The non-aggression axiom or non-aggression principle, which is one of the fundamental underpinnings of libertarian thought, effectively states that the initiation of physical force against a person or their property is inherently wrong. Note the word “initiation”, because this principle … Continue reading